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General Life Skills

Drug and Alcohol Addiction group
Equine Assisted Therapy

It takes the courage and strength of a warrior to ask for help!

If you are a United States Veteran,
Active Duty Military
or a Family member in crisis then
please reach out to 
Hopes and Dreams Riding Facility, Inc. 

The wounds of war the rest of the world can't see are real.

 We can help!
Who We Serve:  ONLY Veterans ... all branches of service. 

Out-Patient Equine Therapy is available upon request, as well as, just needing time to re-focus, relax and de-stress. Just give us a call or email us.
Let's talk! Strickly confidential.

Who Provides the Services: Our team consists of two certified equine specialists and a certified addiction counselor. At times our team consists of interns from various universities studying in the fields of Sociology, Marriage and Family Therapy, Counseling and Psychology and Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling.

Equine Therapy: The Equine Therapy Program (ETP) is designed to empower veterans dealing with symptoms related to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Substance Abuse, Anger Management, Anxiety and Mood Disorders. The three phase program introduces and reinforces life skills lessons while working on ground and in saddle with the horse.

Housing: The facility can house up to 8 males. It is situated in Quitman, GA, about 6 miles south from the center of the city. Facility sits on 5.48 acres of land, with horse arena, hiking trails, organic fruit and vegetable garden, and serene outdoor scenery. To foster camaraderie, residents have access to recreational activities, physical exercise equipment, shared cooking space, and a big screen TV. Rooms can accommodate up to two residents. 

Services: Psychoeducation about PTSD, Group therapy (anger, coping skills and life skills), addiction counseling from certified staff and interns.

General and Administration:  While housed at a working horse ranch, each resident should be aware that part of their recovery process requires them to participate in Daily Life Skills (e.g., house chores, cooking, ground maintenance, horse care and other duties as assigned.)

The Course of Treatment: Our three phase program focuses on establishing shared values with the rest of the residents based on a common definition of recovery; maintain respect, empathy, and genuine support for the rest of the residents; compliance with treatment as prescribed by outside caregivers; attendance to groups; participation to horse therapy; and active participation to workload at the facility.

 After each phase:

Phase 1: Recovery definition
Resident will present to the resident counsel a personal recovery statement that defines resident’s personal recovery goals.

Phase 2: Recovery Lifestyle Plan
Resident will present a recovery lifestyle plan outlining the steps toward long-term recovery outside of Hopes and Dreams Riding Facility, Inc.

Phase 3: Recovery Plan to Action
Resident will demonstrate readiness to put in action the recovery lifestyle plan outside of Hopes and Dreams Riding Facility, Inc.

Admission: Admission to our program requires the completion of program admission packet; current medical records submitted with a current drug screen; and a copy of the Veteran’s DD214. 

Cost: $350.00 monthly - 1st month due upon acceptance

A Veteran is first accepted into our program for Phase 1: Recovery. At the end of Phase 1 (which is usually 2 months) or any time during, it may be determined that our residential program in NOT suitable for the Veteran. If this is the case, every effort will be made to locate a suitable program for Veteran.

If you have any questions: Please contact the office at 229-263-4773 during the hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday. You may also request an admissions application via email.

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