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Our Mission ......

The Mission of Hopes and Dreams Riding Facility is to, through the use of horse therapy, camaraderie, and understanding, enable veterans and their families to restore peace to their lives and heal the battle wounds that can’t been seen.

Our Vision ......

To save the lives of veterans by healing the battle wounds that can't be seen.

Our Values ......

- Love and Compassion for Veterans
- Provide a service to Veterans
- Equine assisted growth & development and outdoor activities
- Encourage a healthy lifestyle

A Dedicated and Loving Facility for veterans, military personnel 
and their families.

Thank you to our active duty military and veterans for the sacrifices that you have made for God and our country. We know that war is the most awful thing you can go through.

We at Hopes and Dreams Riding Facility are here for you and your families. We would like to send an open invitation for you to come to our facility. Come and relax, explore the wilderness, enjoy nature or bond with a horse. There will be other veterans here to socialize with. And for the ones that just want to come and have someone to talk to, we will have someone here that will be on the grounds for you.

Horses have been a proven way of therapy, both physically and mentally. We want to offer that therapy to whomever would like to come. If you have a family member that is active military or that is a veteran, or if you're loved one has served and did not come home we are here for you. We would like to be your shoulder to lean on.

Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM EST
 Saturday 8 AM - 3 PM EST
Hopes and Dreams Riding Facility, Inc
"Ridin' by Faith"
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- Sir Winston Churchhill
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